I just met Melodie Earickson yesterday. In our introductions to each other she mentioned the fact that she hasn’t gotten in an accident “yet” on her commute. I said that just the other day I learned about “yet” as a most powerful word, and it should only be used for positive outcomes, not for negative expressions. I used the term “inevitable outcomes” as the trajectory that “yet” gives to the meaning of what other words we put with it. We may not know something yet, or have a skill perfected yet, or be able to overcome a problem yet, but it means we plan to, expect to, or at the least hope to. Melody is a writer, so we had a good long conversation about the power of words. She asked where I learned this. I told her about Tyce and our group. She was so interested that I wanted to show her Tyce’s homepage to give her more info, but I accidentally gave her this link. Another lady was listening in and went to this link ad well. When I saw them registering I knew this wasn’t the right place to send them, but it looks like Melody got registered. I couldn’t get hold of Tyce in the moment, so this is another thing that needs to be worked out.